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The Beardless Adventurer


Donna Ashton is an ‘author, beardless adventurer, knowledge junkie and mum’. Before writing professionally, Donna dabbled in at variety of careers including acupuncture, mentoring troubled kids, teaching, cooking for 80 and an entrepreneur, to name but a few!

Donna came to us after being recommended by Ian from The Dartmoor Activity Centre. She was in the process of finalising her first book ready for launch in April 2017, sharing the quirks and quips of her and her husband’s (her ‘inconvenience’) 5,000km cycle ride across Europe.

The Requirements

To support the activity pre, during and post launch a website was required that would allow individuals to find out more, sign up for alerts and look to join future adventures.

Due to the website being built pre-launch, it was important it was budget friendly and provided the functionality immediately required whilst being able to evolve as and when future functionality needed to be added.

Our Solution

The website was built using WordPress to ensure it was user friendly, not just to visitors but for Donna too when she needed to add, update and amend content. It has also been designed to be responsive so providing a great experience regardless of how visitors access it; mobile, laptop or tablet.

I’m what could only sensibly be described as a complete technological dinosaur! Thankfully, the good people at Doodlebug were there to interpret my artistic visions (I’d like to think I’m quite good at that part – being an author) into the reality of a stunning website.  With the help of their tutorial service I am now fully competent at manipulating all the back-user facilities I need.  And they say you can’t teach an old dinosaur new tricks – well this lot can!

Donna Marie Ashton aka The Beardless Adventurer