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  • 10 questions you must ask to any new website client

    This week I thought I would run through our go to questions that we ask all of our new clients in need of a website. Understanding why we ask these could be useful to other designers, who gathering lists of questions to ask their own clients, or perhaps businesses looking to see what they might […]

  • Web Design & Marketing Myths

    In this week’s blog we’re debunking some common Web Design & Marketing Myths! Users don’t scroll on webpages It’s a common thought that when visiting webpages users won’t scroll but rather just look at what is presented to them initially – often referred to as ‘Above the fold’; this is a term that has transferred […]

  • Top tips for designing stylish but effective websites

    When designing  websites that are easy on the eyes and easy to use, there are many factors to consider. Here are 5 top tips to follow, that I feel to be important in achieving functional great looking websites. 1. Don’t ignore trends Web design trends occur very frequently, they either stick around for the long-haul […]

  • Website FAQs

    We fully appreciate how confusing it can be when it comes to website projects, how long will it take? What will be the cost? We’ve rounded up some website FAQs we’re asked to help break it all down. If you have a question that isn’t covered below, drop us a note and we’ll be happy to […]

  • The Importance of SSL Certificates

    SSL (or Secure Socker Layer) certificates are small data files that bind a cryptographic key to an organisations details. In plain English, an SSL certificate provides a safer, encrypted connection between your website and its visitors. SSL has long been a requirement for PCI Compliance (taking payments online) but recent changes to search engines and […]

  • Responsive Web Design – What are the advantages?

    Last week’s blog ‘Responsive Web Design – Why is it important?’, looked into the nitty gritty of how responsive websites work. in this week’s blog, we’re going to look into what the advantages are. While the statistics showing that mobile use has now taken over desktop should be enough to convince you, there are some other added […]

  • Responsive Web Design – Why is it important?

    In October 2016 for the first time, mobile and tablet internet usage overtook desktop, worldwide! Although only a small percentage more, this highlights the shift towards using mobiles to get information, and the importance of making sure your website is ready.   Source:   Over the next few weeks, we are going to look […]

  • Creating WordPress Menu Theme locations

    In this week’s code corner, we are going to look at how we create multiple theme locations for our WordPress menus. At Doodlebug, we find it incredibly useful being able to register a new menu location whenever needed. If you are wondering why you might need more menu locations beyond the standard navigation that appears […]

  • Why we LOVE using WordPress

    With Monday 22nd August being World Wide Web day (marking 25 years since the internet was launched) we thought it was appropriate that this week’s blog was related to the internet. We found this really cool blog that draws a comparison between three of the best CMS’s (content management system) on the market and it inspired us […]

  • Securing WordPress

    In a previous blog we looked at how to recover from a WordPress hack, in this blog we take a look at how best to avoid that happening in the first place! WordPress now powers over a quarter of all websites on the web – quite an amazing statistic if you stop and think about […]

  • Code Corner vol 07. Front End Frameworks

    Creating websites and web applications can be a time consuming business, especially when creating a responsive website that works just as well on a mobile and tablet as it does on a full size laptop or desktop screen. Using a Front End Framework can be a brilliant way to cut down development time as you have […]

  • WordPress Website Hacked – recovery and protection

    Recently we were contacted by an owner of a website which had been hacked and had code injected into the page templates, the site was still functioning but lots of horrible code and links out to ‘black market’ websites had been added. We were asked to give the site a thorough clean and help to […]

  • Five must have WordPress Plugins

    At Doodlebug we use WordPress for almost all of our web based projects. It’s a structured and straightforward platform that makes customising sites simple and the easy to use back-end editing ensures our customers can make their own changes and updates quickly. One of the big advantages of WordPress is the massive library of plugins available that can […]

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