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Something that caught our eye

  • Interesting news roundup

    Here’s our regular interesting news roundup where we list the links we’ve found interesting and informative over the last month. This month’s is a little later so we’ve included a few recent articles from August as well! Facebook launches highly anticipated ads in Messenger Live Video Tools: The Best Apps for Going Live Overcoming Corporate […]

  • What interesting news caught our eye in June?

    Another month has flown past and that means it’s roundup time – here’s our list of interesting articles from across the web that appeared in June. Check out our new look! Twitter rolled out an updated look and feel across their web and app platforms. 3 Ways to Easily Caption Social Media Video Social media […]

  • What interesting news caught our eye in May?

    It’s that time again for another of our retrospective roundup of interesting content from around the web. What brands need to know about Google Lens A great roundup about one of the highlights from this year’s Google I/O conference. Introducing Location and Hashtag Stories on Explore New features in Instagram enable different ways to explore stories […]

  • What interesting news caught our eye in April?

    It’s time for another of our retrospective roundup of interesting content from around the web. Facebook releases augmented reality camera effects platform Following the success of Facebook’s camera effects the social media giant has released a developer platform for creating augmented reality effects to be used within Facebook camera. Channel 4 gets personal with world’s first […]

  • Logos with a hidden meaning

    Hidden meanings in logos that have been right in-front of you! If there’s one thing I love, it’s discovering that something you have seen around for years has even more meaning than you knew. At the weekend, I clocked an article on Facebook titled ‘These 15 famous logos all have a hidden meaning. Have you ever […]

  • What interesting news caught our eye in March?

    With last month’s interesting news being visually focussed, we thought this month we would have a look at social media and tech news that caught our eye. Animated Visual: How to Bring Still Images to Life In last month’s roundup, we looked at how visual content was going to need to be the focal point of your […]

  • Images that grabbed our attention in 2016

    We stumbled across a really cool blog by Shutterstock recently that pulled together the most shared images of 2016. We’ve covered videos and Google search terms so it only felt right we wrote a little something about the viral images of 2016! There is a common theme throughout and that is the power of nature and […]

  • What interesting news caught our eye this February?

    We’re not quite sure where February went, but another month means it’s time for roundup of some interesting blogs we’ve read over the past month. We recently discovered that over 80% of communications will be visual by 2107, that is a staggering amount. In light of this, we’ve pulled together blogs that give some handy insight into […]

  • 2016 Adverts that caused a stir

    In January, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), the UK’s independent regulator for advertising across all media, published their annual ‘Top 10 most complained about adverts’. Adverts are everywhere; on the television, in the newspaper, on social media channels,and even at the bus stop. They are unavoidable and getting more and more sophisticated, in fact we published […]

  • What interesting news caught our eye in January?

    We have renamed the tech and marketing roundup to ‘interesting news that caught our eye’, we thought this was a better reflection of the content. Not too worry though, the format is still the same and we’ll be rounding up some of the interesting links we’ve read in one handy place for you. January is all […]

  • Battle of the brands – Instagram v Snapchat

    A year of change on social media Social Media is a constantly evolving machine with new features and channels popping up frequently.  2016 certainly seemed to be a year crammed full of change when it came to social media channels. Twitter announced it was excluding images and links from the character counts on tweets, Facebook […]

  • The top searches on Google in 2016

    Happy New Year! We hope you all had a restful break and enjoyed some time with friends and family. We’ve fired up the Doodlebug blog with a look back at what the most popular search terms were on Google in the UK and counted towards over 1.2 trillion google searches worldwide taking place! As always, […]

  • Youtube Rewind 2016

    What made the list? YouTube pull together an annual roundup playlist and have a dedicated page for you to check out videos that caused a stir in the UK, Ireland and globally. We last looked at YouTube Rewind back in 2014, so we thought it was high time we had a look at the videos […]

  • Twitter have scrapped the 140-character limit!

    A few months ago, we heard whispers that Twitter were looking to remove the character limit on tweets. Earlier this month, the news was finally announced – images and links placed at the end of tweets would no longer count towards the total character count; the days of head scratching to fit it than perfect […]

  • Have you noticed the Facebook posts that look like they’re ‘shouting’ for attention?

    Have you experienced the change on Facebook mobile where some posts appear in a much larger font? It certainly caught our eye, here’s how it looks if you haven’t seen it:   This is being experienced on iPhone but some articles suggest it was rolled out to Android devices some months ago. But this change […]

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