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  • Do you know if your website is pulling its weight?

    Having a website that looks good is one thing but there is no question it needs to have practical purposes as well. Whether it’s increasing enquiries or sales, illustrating your experience and expertise, competing well on search engine results or something else it’s important to keep an eye and make sure it’s doing what it […]

  • Interesting news roundup – September 17

    Its a new month and we’re back sharing a list of articles that we found interesting this month. Google announces new YouTube tools for advertisers Twitter gives you more characters to express yourself New tools and programs to keep Instagram a safe LinkedIn introduce new Audience Network MOZ introduce 5 NEW Feature Upgrades to Pro’s […]

  • The Importance of SSL Certificates

    SSL (or Secure Socker Layer) certificates are small data files that bind a cryptographic key to an organisations details. In plain English, an SSL certificate provides a safer, encrypted connection between your website and its visitors. SSL has long been a requirement for PCI Compliance (taking payments online) but recent changes to search engines and […]

  • Climb the Google ranks with these SEO Top Tips

    There are loads of factors which can impact the position of your website within Google’s search rankings. Here are a few things to consider when you are implementing SEO best practices within your website to boost the position of your webpages. Google uses a selection of factors within their algorithms which determined how well our pages will […]

  • Responsive Web Design – What are the advantages?

    Last week’s blog ‘Responsive Web Design – Why is it important?’, looked into the nitty gritty of how responsive websites work. in this week’s blog, we’re going to look into what the advantages are. While the statistics showing that mobile use has now taken over desktop should be enough to convince you, there are some other added […]

  • If marketing activity was a rugby team would yours be ready for kick off?

    It seems pretty timely just before the Six Nations to use the sport itself as an analogy to look at and understand how the playing field would look if marketing activity were a rugby team! In this article we break it down into key areas of the pitch and just how each area would be […]

  • Utilising 404 pages

    There will always be times when a visitor to your website runs into a ‘404 – page not found error’ whether that be because of a missing page, an incorrectly typed URL or a link that has gone awry. Having a 404 page is always a must, but they can also be used very effectively […]

  • Is your website being penalised due to ‘mobilegeddon’?

    Have you heard the term ‘mobilegeddon’ being banded around in the news and discussions this week? If you have and you’re not 100% sure what it could mean for your organisation here’s a summary to help you out. What does the term ‘mobilegeddon relate to? The term is what is being used to refer to […]

  • Back to Basics: A Simple SEO Audit in 5 Easy Steps

    If you’re interested in how well your website ranks on Google and other Search Engines, then you’ll know about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), in this article we take a look at a quick 5 step SEO audit, focusing on Google. Getting onto Google’s first page is a great way to bring people to your website, […]

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