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  • Did someone just say ‘free resources’?

    As a designer, quality free resources are absolute gold and there’s a wealth of free resources out there just waiting to be found. The daunting task of trawling through the internet without getting sidetracked often puts us off going out there to find fresh resources and we end up heading back to familiar hunting grounds […]

  • Interesting news roundup

    Here’s our regular interesting news roundup where we list the links we’ve found interesting and informative over the last month. This month’s is a little later so we’ve included a few recent articles from August as well! Facebook launches highly anticipated ads in Messenger Live Video Tools: The Best Apps for Going Live Overcoming Corporate […]

  • The right tool for the right job

    I like to think I’m a pretty practical person when it comes to home DIY and will generally get stuck in to any kind of home improvements (apart from plumbing – a past soggy experience always reminds me this is best left to professionals!) Along my way of fumbling through putting up shelves, constructing planters […]

  • What interesting news caught our eye in April?

    It’s time for another of our retrospective roundup of interesting content from around the web. Facebook releases augmented reality camera effects platform Following the success of Facebook’s camera effects the social media giant has released a developer platform for creating augmented reality effects to be used within Facebook camera. Channel 4 gets personal with world’s first […]

  • What interesting news caught our eye in March?

    With last month’s interesting news being visually focussed, we thought this month we would have a look at social media and tech news that caught our eye. Animated Visual: How to Bring Still Images to Life In last month’s roundup, we looked at how visual content was going to need to be the focal point of your […]

  • What interesting news caught our eye this February?

    We’re not quite sure where February went, but another month means it’s time for roundup of some interesting blogs we’ve read over the past month. We recently discovered that over 80% of communications will be visual by 2107, that is a staggering amount. In light of this, we’ve pulled together blogs that give some handy insight into […]

  • What interesting news caught our eye in January?

    We have renamed the tech and marketing roundup to ‘interesting news that caught our eye’, we thought this was a better reflection of the content. Not too worry though, the format is still the same and we’ll be rounding up some of the interesting links we’ve read in one handy place for you. January is all […]

  • November’s Tech & Marketing Resources Roundup

    The final resources roundup for 2016… We can’t quite believe how quickly this year has gone, making this the last Tech and Marketing Roundup for 2016! In this month’s roundup there is a real mix of some interesting reads that caught out eye this month; from a new social platform by Jeremy Clarkson (yes you heard that right!) […]

  • October’s roundup is here

    It’s now less than two months until Christmas (yikes!) are you all set? We had our Christmas cards delivered this week and the countdown is definitely on! If you need some help with designing your Christmas cards we have a nice offer running to help you out (Expired). Another month means it’s time for a roundup of […]

  • Tech & Marketing Resources Roundup – September

    It’s the beginning of October already which means the Tech and Marketing Resources Roundup is back. Articles that caught our attention this month include some advice on LinkedIn marketing, advertising on Facebook and some new hardware launched by Google. LinkedIn: Why people-focused marketing works   5 Ways to Promote Your Products on Facebook   20 […]

  • Tech & Marketing Resources Roundup – August

    The Tech and Marketing Resources Roundup is back and is the final one of the summer (yikes!). This month is a selection of some interesting articles concerning more social media changes including; Pinterest announcing the introduction of video adverts, Facebook giving the Pages design an overhaul – what do you think of the change? We also recently […]

  • Tech & Marketing Roundup – JULY

    What’s the latest in the tech and marketing sector? More social media news this month; Twitter has launched a new look, we also came across an interesting article on how to use their analytics tool to make sure your marketing is working. Pokemon Go has made it into the roundup this month, you’ve probably heard of this […]

  • Tech & Marketing Roundup – JUNE

    Tech & Marketing News that caught our eye this month…   The Tech and Marketing Roundup this month concerns more social media news, with both Twitter and Facebook announcing further updates being rolled out this month. Pinterest have also been making changes to ensure the platform is more business friendly. With its growing popularity, is it time you […]

  • Tech & Marketing Roundup – MAY

    The latest from marketing and tech news: In recent blogs, we’ve rounded up the latest movers and shakers in the marketing and tech world. With some exciting changes being made recently including Twitter altering tweet character counts and the launch of Instagram business profiles and analytics, we decided it was time to get this series […]

  • The power of advertising techniques

    Advertising and Psychology I don’t know about you but I always seem to have a mental list of things that fall into the pot ‘I must do that one day’. From visiting a certain country, trying out a new hobby, learning a new subject or something else. One of the (many) things that had been […]

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