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  • Hashtags: Don’t make a hash of it – A simple guide to using them

    If you use any form of social media, you’ll be using hashtags. They form an important aspect of your posts, enabling readers to see what’s important about your post – whether it be a campaign, topic, an event, something trending or just sentiment. Having a hashtag prefix the relevant keywords or phrases enables that keyword […]

  • Upcoming Changes to Facebook’s Timeline

    It is easy to see that the way we use Facebook has changed quite a bit over the years, these days I find myself scrolling through endless amounts of advertisement, memes, and pointless videos. This now looks as though it will change as a result of Facebooks major updates rolling out throughout this year. These […]

  • Is snapchat good for business?

    I have long been a big fan of Snapchat. When it first launched, the idea of being able to send a photo or video to a friend, only for it to be automatically deleted was a very unique concept. Snapchat has since grown to contain many fun ways of sharing content, such as instant messaging, […]

  • Breaking down GDPR

    In this week’s blog we’re breaking down the GDPR. What is the GDPR? GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation and is a replacement for the existing Data Protection Act of 1998. It’s an EU law but will still apply after Brexit! The law aims to give people more control over how their personal data […]

  • Web Design & Marketing Myths

    In this week’s blog we’re debunking some common Web Design & Marketing Myths! Users don’t scroll on webpages It’s a common thought that when visiting webpages users won’t scroll but rather just look at what is presented to them initially – often referred to as ‘Above the fold’; this is a term that has transferred […]

  • Getting prepped for Christmas

    It’s a very exciting time of year with Christmas upon us. Whether you are battling the shops to find the perfect gifts or feasting on mince pies and getting into the festive spirit, December quickly becomes a very busy time of year. No matter how busy December is for you, it is easy to forget […]

  • Interesting news roundup – October

    It’s November already! Now less than two months until Christmas, is your business ready? Since its the start of a new month, we take a look back through October and share with you what tech and marketing news caught our eye. You can now order food with Facebook (US first) Twitter announce NEW transparency for […]

  • Interesting news roundup – September 17

    Its a new month and we’re back sharing a list of articles that we found interesting this month. Google announces new YouTube tools for advertisers Twitter gives you more characters to express yourself New tools and programs to keep Instagram a safe LinkedIn introduce new Audience Network MOZ introduce 5 NEW Feature Upgrades to Pro’s […]

  • Logos with a hidden meaning

    Hidden meanings in logos that have been right in-front of you! If there’s one thing I love, it’s discovering that something you have seen around for years has even more meaning than you knew. At the weekend, I clocked an article on Facebook titled ‘These 15 famous logos all have a hidden meaning. Have you ever […]

  • Images that grabbed our attention in 2016

    We stumbled across a really cool blog by Shutterstock recently that pulled together the most shared images of 2016. We’ve covered videos and Google search terms so it only felt right we wrote a little something about the viral images of 2016! There is a common theme throughout and that is the power of nature and […]

  • Using video to support your digital marketing

    This week YouTube announced that their users are now watching more than one billion hours of footage every day! On their blog YouTube put this into a crazy perspective – if you were to watch a billion hours of footage back to back it would take you over 100,000 years. It’s an astonishing amount of footage […]

  • 2016 Adverts that caused a stir

    In January, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), the UK’s independent regulator for advertising across all media, published their annual ‘Top 10 most complained about adverts’. Adverts are everywhere; on the television, in the newspaper, on social media channels,and even at the bus stop. They are unavoidable and getting more and more sophisticated, in fact we published […]

  • This year’s Christmas ads have arrived

    You know it’s Christmas when the John Lewis ad hits the screens! By now, it’s highly likely you will have seen the new John Lewis advert featuring Buster the Boxer. The arrival of the big retailer Christmas adverts marks the beginning of the festive period for any viewer; and we certainly wait in anticipation for […]

  • Does your organisation make the most of user generated content?

    Why user generated content should form an important part of your plan. User generated content for all intense and purposes is information that others have created and shared about your brand, product or service. What’s great about it? It’s powerful! Consider this, what do you take into account when you’re choosing a new supplier in […]

  • October’s roundup is here

    It’s now less than two months until Christmas (yikes!) are you all set? We had our Christmas cards delivered this week and the countdown is definitely on! If you need some help with designing your Christmas cards we have a nice offer running to help you out (Expired). Another month means it’s time for a roundup of […]

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