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  • Break the habit; Our top seven ideas for environmentally friendly merchandising

    So we’ve all heard the shocking stats about the damage that plastic is wreaking on our environment – that’s eight million tons being dumped into the seas annually – but what are we all actually doing about it? What are you doing to ensure that there is a planet for future generations? Earlier in the […]

  • What were the top trending video’s of 2017

    At the start of each year, we get excited about discovering what online content people were most interested in during the previous year. Last week we shared the most commonly searched topics from Google with their 2017 year in search. This week it seems fitting to share what the top 10 trending videos from YouTube […]

  • Giving a little something back

    This year whilst sorting out the Doodlebug Christmas cards we chatted about how we also wanted to do something to give a little something back to the local community. We know how hard this time of year can be for many so we decided that each and every day in the run up to Christmas […]

  • Why are parent and baby groups so darn hard to find?

    By the title you may be wondering what on earth this article doing on the Doodlebug blog, stick with me I promise there is a relevance! It’s fair to say the arrival of a baby sees the way you do and approach things change quite dramatically and take a whole lot longer. For example no […]

  • Youtube Rewind 2016

    What made the list? YouTube pull together an annual roundup playlist and have a dedicated page for you to check out videos that caused a stir in the UK, Ireland and globally. We last looked at YouTube Rewind back in 2014, so we thought it was high time we had a look at the videos […]

  • This year’s Christmas ads have arrived

    You know it’s Christmas when the John Lewis ad hits the screens! By now, it’s highly likely you will have seen the new John Lewis advert featuring Buster the Boxer. The arrival of the big retailer Christmas adverts marks the beginning of the festive period for any viewer; and we certainly wait in anticipation for […]

  • Confessions of an office dog

    We love what we do here at Doodlebug but we also appreciate the importance of a bit of fun too, so in the latest of our team journey blogs we approached office dog Wilf for a few words (in between naps and walks – he’s a hard dog to pin down!) Beci recently talked about […]

  • Why we LOVE Devon!

    With Thursday marking the opening of the Devon County Show, we thought it would be the perfect time to stop and reflect on the beautiful county we live and work in. So, we’ve rounded up the team to find out what they love about Devon. How long have you lived in Devon? Zoe: All my life! […]

  • Confessions of a Creative

    This week, Beci talks us through what it takes to become a illustrator & designer. Sometimes I stop and think ‘yeah, I’m killing this, life’s pretty great!’ and yet other times I come across with a blind fear wondering if everything I have achieved is through plain old luck; Have I been fluking through life? […]

  • Doodlebug Creative welcome a new director!

    We’re excited to announce news of our new Director, Beci Boxall. Beci’s new role marks yet another milestone in the our rapid growth during the last 12 months. Managing Director Zoe said ‘We’d been working with Beci for some time before she joined the team this year, with her wealth of skills and experience it felt like […]

  • What do we love about Doodlebug Creative?

    With nearly three weeks passing since the rebrand (yikes!) we wanted to share with you what happened behind the scenes. In normal fashion, a few questions were thrown at the team to find out what they did and their favourite parts of the project:   What was your involvement in the rebrand? Zoe: We were lucky enough to […]

  • Doodlebug Creative is born

    Doodlebug Marketing & Design Ltd started its life on 1st March 2014 which makes today our 2nd Birthday…yippee! Just recently we’ve seen the team grow from 2 to 5 (6 including office dog Wilf) meaning HQ is now fit to bursting with experience & ideas, so what better time than to give the brand a bit of […]

  • Introducing Beci the newest Doodlebug recruit…

    Just before Christmas we made the exciting announcement that Beci from Boxall Graphic Design would be joining forces with us at Doodlebug, combining her illustration and design skills with the services we offer. Beci has now settled in so we have thrown some questions at her so you can learn more about the newest addition […]

  • What did we search for in 2015?

    Welcome back to the Doodlebug blog, we hope you all enjoyed your well earned rest with your families and friends and are raring to go for the New Year. As the first blog post of the year we thought it would be interesting to look back on what was searched for most in 2015. Just […]

  • It’s time to celebrate 2015 & get excited for 2016 at Doodlebug HQ!

    It seemed only fair that Reindeer Antlers were donned and a team selfie taken before we headed off for our Christmas meal this evening– to think last year it was just Ben and myself, what a difference a year makes! You may also spot a fifth person in the selfie, well that’s Beci and as […]

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