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  • Why are parent and baby groups so darn hard to find?

    By the title you may be wondering what on earth this article doing on the Doodlebug blog, stick with me I promise there is a relevance! It’s fair to say the arrival of a baby sees the way you do and approach things change quite dramatically and take a whole lot longer. For example no […]

  • Basics of UX Design: Prioritising and Testing

    Welcome to the next part of basics of UX Design, a small series of easy to digest articles. Previously we discussed Users and User Personas, Today we are going to take a look at discovering how you go about dealing with your UX problems, prioritising them to be fixed, and finally looking at recruiting users […]

  • Interesting news roundup – October

    It’s November already! Now less than two months until Christmas, is your business ready? Since its the start of a new month, we take a look back through October and share with you what tech and marketing news caught our eye. You can now order food with Facebook (US first) Twitter announce NEW transparency for […]

  • Code Corner – using schema tags in WordPress

    In a previous blog we looked at how schema tags can be used to help search engines understand the type of content that you have on your webpages. Today we’re going to look at how a bit of WordPress customisation can be used to help you add schema tags to your content managed site quickly […]

  • A simple guide to improved search engine rankings

    What is SEO In a nutshell, Search engine optimization is the process of getting natural / organic traffic to your website through a collection of best practices and measureable processes to drive traffic to your website. SEO is very important. When seeking a service or business, people will often start with a Google search, so […]

  • Code Corner – using Schema tags

    In today’s blog we’re looking at what website Schema is and how it can help search engines understand your content and even improve your search engine rankings. is the result of a collaboration between all of the major search engines – Google, Bing, Yahoo & Yandex and is a collection of specific tags (also […]

  • Interesting news roundup – September 17

    Its a new month and we’re back sharing a list of articles that we found interesting this month. Google announces new YouTube tools for advertisers Twitter gives you more characters to express yourself New tools and programs to keep Instagram a safe LinkedIn introduce new Audience Network MOZ introduce 5 NEW Feature Upgrades to Pro’s […]

  • Hootsuite – Composer Beta

    Have you been trying out the new ‘Composer Beta’ in Hootsuite? Here at Doodlebug Hootsuite is our tool of choice when it comes to scheduling and managing posts to multiple social media networks. If you’re new to Hootsuite or not yet using it our previous blog ‘5 quick tips for using Hootsuite’ will provide some […]

  • Facebook inviting not for profits (NFPs) in Europe to trial exciting new tools

    If you’re a not for profit organisation there is no question that you want to use as many tools as possible to maximise the potential of fundraising, donations and supporter engagement. With several of our lovely clients being based in the third sector we try our best to stay up to date with what’s new […]

  • Top tips for designing stylish but effective websites

    When designing  websites that are easy on the eyes and easy to use, there are many factors to consider. Here are 5 top tips to follow, that I feel to be important in achieving functional great looking websites. 1. Don’t ignore trends Web design trends occur very frequently, they either stick around for the long-haul […]

  • Creating a Facebook Cover Video

    A little while ago Facebook rolled out a new update which allowed a video to be used as a cover image, in today’s blog we’re looking at how we created a short video to be used on our Facebook business page and how we discovered a few best practices along the way. You can see […]

  • Interesting news roundup – August 17

    We’re back again for another roundup of interesting and useful links from across the web. AR and VR 101: What marketers need to know today Next steps toward more connection security How to Perform a Basic Local Business Competitive Audit How to Set Up a Creative Facebook Cover Video 16 Video Marketing Stats to Blow […]

  • How to create a simple WordPress Plugin

    Plugins are a great way of extending the functionality of your WordPress website, allowing you to easily activate and deactivate via the WordPress plugins dashboard. They are a great place to add your custom functions usually dumped within your functions.php file. The thought of creating a WordPress plugin can seem very overwhelming to many, however […]

  • Did someone just say ‘free resources’?

    As a designer, quality free resources are absolute gold and there’s a wealth of free resources out there just waiting to be found. The daunting task of trawling through the internet without getting sidetracked often puts us off going out there to find fresh resources and we end up heading back to familiar hunting grounds […]

  • Interesting news roundup

    Here’s our regular interesting news roundup where we list the links we’ve found interesting and informative over the last month. This month’s is a little later so we’ve included a few recent articles from August as well! Facebook launches highly anticipated ads in Messenger Live Video Tools: The Best Apps for Going Live Overcoming Corporate […]

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